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B'nai Aviv Synagogue
Welcome to our B'nai Aviv Community

Welcome To B'nai Aviv - Conservative Synagogue of Weston

B'nai Aviv Synagogue of WestonWelcome!  B'nai Aviv is located in the beautiful Florida city of Weston, in Southwest Broward County.  Our synagogue is a member of the The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.  Founded in 1988, B’nai Aviv has become a true extension of our synagogue families and is now one of the most prominent synagogues in South Florida.  In 2015 we welcomed the members of Beth Ahm Israel of Cooper City into our family, and we now look forward to the future as a newly merged Kehillah, bringing together the strength and vibrancy of two wonderful synagogues.

Our Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) is accredited by APPLE, the Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment, and has been the receipient of many awards, including being voted the Best Early Childhood in Weston and receiving the School Choice Leadership award.  Our ECEC offers our children a healthy social and educational experience under the care of a qualified staff.

Our award winning Religious School, Kindergarten through 7th grade, is the largest Conservative supplementary school in Broward County, providing a concentration in Hebrew Language, Torah studies, Israel, mitzvot and more. 

Our Adult Education program offers learning for adults of all ages, with classes ranging from Torah trope and Hebrew to Jewish history and contemporary events. 

Our youth programs are extensive as well, and B’nai Aviv is proud that we have one of the finest youth programs in the country.   Our Chalutzim, Kadima and USY programs are not only the largest groups in Broward County, but are prominent both in the South Florida region and in National and International venues as well.  

B'nai Aviv now hosts it's own Hebrew High School, where students from 7th through 12th grades have the opportunities for advanced learning and even accruing early college credits.

We also offer Men’s Club, Sisterhood, Hazak (for seniors), Social Action, Athletics, Bar/Bat Mitzvah training, Social events, Parent/Teachers organizations, celebration of holidays, and so much more!

Our membership consists of young families, seniors, and singles, and whether you are already a member or someone looking for a Jewish house of worship to call home, everyone is welcome at B'nai Aviv. We invite you to come and visit the only full-service Conservative synagogue in Southwest Broward County!

ENUZ November 26, 2015 PDF Print E-mail

 Rabbi Adam Watstein

Cantor William Lieberman 

Mazal Tov To . . . 

Dennis Sevel, on celebrating the 45th Anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah
on this Shabbat

Refuah Shlemah To . . .

Anita Kirschen, Ruth Lubin, Philip Wexler, Benson Rakusin

A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to Everyone!

This Week's Calendar PDF Print E-mail

                        Everyone is invited to attend committee meetings
                    and to participate in 

Thursday, November 26th: Thanksgiving, Office Closed, No ECEC
Friday, November 27th: No ECEC, Office Closed
Monday, November 30th: "Not Just 8 Nights" Hanukkah Presentation, 7:00 p.m.; Gala Committee, 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, December 1st: Religious School in Session, Kadima Meeting 6:30 p.m., Hebrew Reading Class #5 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, December 2nd: No Torah Talk Today, USY 7:00 p.m., Sisterhood Board 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, December 3rd: Hebrew High School 6:30 p.m.
Friday, December 4th: Shabbat Dinner for 6th and 7th Grades

          For additional information, please call the office at 954.384.8265 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

Special Hanukkah Program PDF Print E-mail

Menorah 3

Not Just 8 Nights . . .

Why Chanukah Happened

and Why the Saga is Not Over

Monday, November 30, promptly at 7:00 pm

presented by Karen Tina Sheskin, MS. Ed.

We know fairy tales are told about the guy in the red suit.

But were you also told one about Chanukah?

Discover the REAL story of the events surrounding the holiday.  While indeed a story of a MIRACLE, the biggest miracle was NOT the burning of the light for 8 nights. It involved far more, and there are many parallels to modern times.  Imagine the world of bloody empire building, after Alexander the Great’s generals had divided most of the known world among themselves. Consider the dilemmas faced, opportunities and options available to Jewish parents, leaders and citizens in Judea in the 2nd and 3rd century BCE. Learn why the 1st religious war in history was possibly inevitable, how it was provoked and waged and the ironic events that followed an unlikely victory.  We will briefly discuss the cultural clashes, socio-political situations and Jewish internal ideological conflicts of 2300 years ago, and how many of them mirror contemporary circumstances. An expanded view the holiday will be suggested.

 Are you afraid for your safety in a world in which murder is justified due to religious differences?
Our time is not unique!



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Hey Football Fans!

Here are the results for This Week:

Week 11:  Highest scoring teams were Tampa Bay (45) and Carolina (44)

The Winning combination for week 11 is 23-30.

The Winner for Week 11 is Arnold Schwartzman.

Good Luck to Everyone for the rest of the Season!


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-Field trip -Jewish Museum

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The Miracle continues

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Join us for a Fabulous Trip!

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